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If there’s one thing we are proud of, is the trust of our clients. And their trust is based on our ability to enable their success. From full projects to simple components, we can help you.

Our Services

Endless Possibilities

Every time you decide to partner with us in your business endeavor, you can be certain of one thing: we will go above and beyond to make sure your goals are met. As such, we have tailored our services in three main categories, categories which we’ve seen as the most valuable for any business that deals with low-code platforms.

Project Development

A typical full-project delivery: you have all the desired features and a target deadline. Management is optional.

Contained Engagement

Very specific pieces of software or a time-limited engagement.

Support and Training

When you're struggling with a certain issue or you need a very specific training solution.

Project Development

In terms of project development, we have two major modes of execution: managed and unmanaged.

Managed project development means that you provide the scope and we’ll do the rest. We’ll plan, design, implement, test and deliver. Billing of these projects vary between hourly and fixed fee.

Unmanaged projects mean that we’ll provide the delivery capability – but you’ll be in charge of the planning and control. Billing of these projects vary between hourly of a fixed monthly fee.

There is no better or worse. It all comes down to your preference. Rest assured, either choice will lead to the desired results.

Contained Engagement

A contained engagement is a very specific engagement that is limited either in scope or time.

scope-limited engagement is, for instance, building and/or deploying a component. You need to enable online payments in your applications? We have a solution for that. Need a PDF generator? We can also help.

time-limited engagement is when you have one or more tasks at hand and you need a certain number of hours to accomplish such tasks. One week, two weeks or a full month are the most popular options.

Support and Training

This is our scenario: let’s say that you’re building a mobile application but your team is struggling with mobile plugins.

As you’ve seen before, we can build it for you. Or, if you prefer, we can provide a hands-on session to show how to overcome such difficulties and how to handle/approach a certain subject.

Or, let’s say, you’re facing one very specific problem that you don’t seem able to resolve. It could be a performance issue. It could be something that doesn’t feel right. Or it could be something that just doesn’t work.

This is the base of our Support and Training service. We can do a one-off engagement to help you solve a specific issue or we can tailor a training program aimed at one or more subjects.

Your needs, our solutions.

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