H2H: Consulting re-invented.

We know these are difficult times, but we are doing our best to keep your business up and running. As such, we’re offering free home-to-home consulting sessions to help your business thrive. And yes, by free we really mean free.


The Initiative


We are offering free sessions with people involved – or that intend to be involved – with the OutSystems ecosystem. This ranges from customers to prospects, developers to people who never heard about OutSystems.

We don’t have any limits to the content that we can discuss. Our rules are simple: it needs to bring value, be attainable and, of course, be reasonable. As a ballpark figure, think of a session that could last from half an hour (30 minutes) to two hours.


Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures. We’re doing this because we want to help people and businesses thrive on the current living situation.

We understand the implications of the current pandemic to businesses. But that doesn’t mean that we are just going to throw in the towel and give up.

We see this as an amazing opportunity to create awareness for the technology and, of course, share some joy while doing what we love. As Booker T. Washington wrote, if you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.

Are you ready to apply? We are waiting for you!

How does it work?

First Step

You apply.

Every single application that is sent to the program is carefully reviewed. We appreciate that you provide an application as detailed as possible so we can decide faster.

Second step

We review.

We’ll pick the ones we believe the impact will be bigger. If we require additional details or clarifications, we’ll be in touch. All the details matter and speed up the decision.

Third Step

We agree.

T&C? Yes. Nothing too fancy – mostly stating that we can say we worked together and what we did. No worries, business secrets are still business secrets!

Final Step

We execute.

Once we’re ready – which means that we settled the date and time, the scope and the duration -, we’ll execute. We’ll be there, with you, at home.

Have a Question?


We thought about what could be the most common questions regarding this. If there’s anything else that you want to know but it’s not here, send us a message!

Yes and no. It depends. Couple of things here, upfront: we’re doing this for free because we want to help, which means that is very unlikely that we’ll fix your project or your factory. Obviously, if we think some service we provide could be useful for you, we’ll let you know. Other than that, it’s up to you.

No catch. We are just willing to share our knowledge in the OutSystems ecosystem with the ones that could benefit the most. And yes, we’re doing it for free.

Companies and individuals. If you are applying on behalf of a company, make sure you have permissions from your administration to apply on company’s behalf.

Our suggestion is that you gather all the required information when applying. We will be doing our assessment with what you provide us. Once you apply, we usually get back at you shortly – either with an acceptance/rejection notice or just saying we’ll need more time. If you don’t hear from us in two business days, contact us through stayathome@volitionalsoftware.com

In theory, yes. In practice, no. We’ll cross-check everything, so we will just pick one from a given company or individual. If you already have been chosen, there’s no point in applying again. If you applied twice and both are very good candidates to the program, we’ll pick at our discretion. Don’t be mad at us if we pick the one we like more! 🙂

Applications will be accepted, at least, until May 15th, 2020. Depending on the demand, depending on the proposed scopes and available manpower, we might extend this. But, at this point, no guarantees. We will be accepting applications immediately. Our expectation is that in a week, we can complete the process – receive your application, review it, agree on the conditions and conduct the session. But this is, by no means, binding.

Help us helping you... and helping everyone!

Apply to our program below with your name, email address and a brief description of what we can do for you. We will get back to you shortly. Again, think of something that we could fit into a session that could last from half an hour (30 minutes) to two hours. And if you’re applying on behalf of a company, make sure you have permission to.

Important note: all the information that you provide here will be used only for the scope of this initiative. It won’t be used for any other purpose unless explicitly desired by you.

#StayHome #StaySafe